As Tuscan videographers, Visual Groove has many years and experiences on shoulders about weddings, we often talk to potential customers about why choose Tuscany as a frame for their wedding.

There are really many reasons and so we thought to list them black on white as a promem. We hope that these ideas of reflection will be useful to those who are choosing Tuscany as a place for their wedding.

In the mind of people, Tuscany is the land of amazing vineyards and landscape, sweet hills and fields into the horizon and in the heat of a sunset. Tuscany is the land of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Giotto: art, history, good food and wonderful tours makes Tuscany the perfect place for holidays but there is other…

Love and beautiful. Tuscany has lovely and artistic cities, medieval villages and a wonderful countryside. People from all over the world choose Tuscany to celebrate elopements, anniversaries and many couples fall in love between white dirt roads, forest paths and choose Tuscany as their honeymoon. So…

10 very good reasons to get married in Tuscany!

  1. In Tuscany there are many beautiful places where you can arrange a wedding: romantic castles, fantastic villas, SPA and resorts;
  2. Civil ceremonies are valid everywhere in the world;
  3. Catholic couples can choose romantic churches, Baroque or Romanic;
  4. Jewish and Protestant can find all need in Florence;
  5. Tuscany offers many amazing cities for honeymoon: Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, Volterra, San Gimignano, Pitigliano and many others…
  6. You can choose many different kinds of area: Mediterranean sea, typical hills and mountains (Apuan Alps);
  7. Tuscany offers solutions for all budgets;
  8. Superb hospitality, food and wine;
  9. Tuscany is the perfect background of your romantic pictures and video to make unforgettable your wedding day and honeymoon.
  10. In Tuscany you can find excellent and qualified professionals: wedding planners, photographers, videographers, artists, chefs and excellent catering services.

If you want more information about get married in Tuscany and how Visual Groove can works on your wedding video, time and costs, contact us free. We are glad to tell you our ideas and vision.

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